About Specified Commercial Transaction Law

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About the sale of goods

In case Application validity period We will make an application validity date 7 days after application.In case of out of stock, we will contact you by e-mail within 2 business days.


Delivery time of goods

We will deliver the items in stock within 7 days of ordering.Those who wish to deliver to more than one mailing address, please order separately.If you receive multiple orders, all items will be shipped as soon as possible.※ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are closed for shipping.※ Hokkaido? Okinawa? Kyushu? Shikoku district, delivery to a remote island + 1 day we receive.


Sales volume

There are no purchase quantity restrictions from products (usually, there are no purchase quantity restrictions on goods, but customers for resale purposes may refuse to purchase).


About resale to a third party

Resale to third parties, purchase of goods for profit is prohibited, please refrain. If we consider that it is purchase for resale purpose, we will cancel the order. We will also cancel future orders. Please note.


Handling defective products

Please be sure to confirm the item when you arrive. We incorrectly receive shipping fee if we inconvenience caused by our misbehavior or defective item / pollution damaged item etc. Sorry for your inconvenience but in that case please contact us within 3 days after delivery. We will not accept returns or exchanges for any damages that may be caused by your intentions, so we appreciate your understanding.


About return

As a general rule, we do not accept returns / exchanges. However, if it is different from the order you ordered, or there was breakage or defect occurred during the transfer, we will accept the exchange with good products. In that case sorry to trouble you, but please contact us within 3 days after delivery.

Return shipping fee

In the case of incompleteness due to defects of products, dirty breakdown, size differences, etc., our shop’s mismatch, we will bear the shipping fee at our shop. Furthermore scratch (dirt, sewing defect etc.? excepting) Returned goods in case customer customer charge please do it.

Payment method and payment timing

You can use the following payment method.? Credit card (VISA? MASTER? DINERS) , Paypal,? Bank transfer (Japan Post Bank)

Payment deadline

In the case of bank transfer, we will ship the item after payment is confirmed. As a general rule, please transfer within 7 business days after the order completion email arrives. Even if more than 7 business days have elapsed, if there is no contact, if the transfer is not confirmed, please note that after the cancellation notice, the order will be canceled.

About delivering gifts etc. to another address

If “the name of your order” and “the name of your order” are different, please do not worry about enclosing those that understand the product price etc.

Required fee other than item price

Shipping fee (It depends on delivery company / delivery area)

About copyright, resale, unauthorized use of images

We do not abandon copyright so we strongly prohibit the use and resale of designs and products for commercial works. Without permission, we prohibit unauthorized use and reprint of photos, articles and images.

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