Wa-shi letter set -KOI BUMI- envelope

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Traditional Crafts Letter Set  Koibumi – thousand year love –

It is a product for proposing to help you communicate your feelings through historical traditional crafts, enrich your mind.



恋文シリーズ 手漉き封筒



It is a collaboration product of local industry called “Washi” and “paulownia box” traditional crafts in Saitama Prefecture, in Japan.

It is a high-grade letter set that recognizes Japan’s prideful history and culture and feels the beauty of Japanese.

This is a set of 7 handmade envelopes of that Koibumi series.


About material

Hosokawa paper (Ogawa Washi) in Ogawamachi Saitama Prefecture -Higashi Chichi village-


Ogawamachi, Saitama Prefecture · Higashi Chichi village is a historic place of 1,300 years, which kept on supporting the paper demand of Edo in the past, the Japanese paper made there is called “Ogawa Washi.”

Craftsmen make better paper as cold winter.

Among even if severe winter cold, they are carefully made one by one.

Ogawa Washi is made with clean water, air and people’s hands.




小川和紙 原料 



The  story of product development


We opened a shop in Bonsai town in Saitama prefecture, which is famous worldwide as a sacred place of BONSAI in April 2014.


和雑貨・手づくり雑貨とワークショップ つくりえ 2015年オープン


As a place for people to gather in common fun (handmade), we operated the workshop space and provided sales opportunities (box shop).

Six months after opening, the store got burned down, the shop closed due to the grueling fire.

At that time, many customers and stakeholders sent encouraging handwritten letters to us.




Until then, I used Internet tools only, except New Year’s cards. For us who were depressed feeling, the handwritten letters gave me a very wonderful courage.

I realized that anyone could write a letter from children to adults. We can easily mail you. Moreover, feelings are transmitted without misunderstanding. We found the letter is the best handmade tool.


We embarked on product development that the letter was perfect as a tool to convey “warmth of handmade” which is also our concept, I came to the material called Ogawa ‘s Washi and Kasukabe’ s paulownia box.


I thought that we could share the work process, the background of the industry, feelings etc if we could actually see the craftsman. (Most of us are actually able to meet craftsmen with whom we associate.)


I want to write a reply when I get a letter. Writing a reply will be an interactive two-way interaction. Among them, I want to write letters to other people. I believe that opportunities to send letters will increase, more people will receive it, and will spend more time warming people’s feelings as time goes slowly to paper.




Japan has a beautiful culture. We value the feeling of the season and choose the item of color, material and quality that fits the situation.


This product is suitable for certain occasions, such as thank-you notes to important customers, letters to my beloved family, and serious feelings for my future self. I hope you find it useful.


About Koibumi Envelopes


恋文シリーズ 手漉き封筒


恋文シリーズ 手漉き封筒


恋文シリーズ 手漉き封筒


It is a set of 7 in total.

・Five pieces of gentle tint (green × 2, yellow × 2, ivory × 1)

・2 beautiful patterns on board



Product content

Approximate weight 25g
Package size (length × width × height) 21.0× 15.0 × 0.5cm
envelope Ogawa-paper  color × 5
Hosokawa-paper  wood pattern × 2



Please choose according to the gift.



(“Koibumi” is a registered trademark of Tsukurie.  Trademark registration No. 5922942)


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